The Battle of Port Moresby

TW: Police in Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea opened fire on a large crowd of university students killing at least 4, injuring 17 others. The students were marching to national parliament to continue ongoing protest against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Witnesses said officers stopped the march and began attacking protesters, punching and kicking them before all out opening fire on the crowd.

Students rushed the wounded to Port Moresby General Hospital [top right] and the demonstration followed [lower center]. The demonstration quickly grew in size as an assembly of mothers from the surrounding suburb joined the march [top left], they smeared mud on their faces to convey their morning. A hospital official said after the injured were brought in, clashes erupted between police and members of the public outside which erupted into open gunfire. Civilians have fled the streets and many students at University of Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guinea University of Technology are in still in hiding.

A university building was set on fire, rioting and similar activities have spread to the PNG Highland cities of Goroka and Mt Hagen, and in Lae on the north coast. #1world1struggle

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