Myeik: Suicide after failed exam

We all know that people around the world are suffering under the increasing pressure to perform, be it as a worker or (school) student. Sadly in (too) many cases people know no way out and commit suicide (e.g. in India, Pakistan). A system based primarily on competition and individual performance promotes the idea that one is only worth being loved and respected if one is not considered “a failure”. We need to counter and fight this mentality!

We received the following report from Myeik (Myanmar), which – according to various sources (1, 2) – was originally published by the local police department:

Khin Maung Htun, a twelve years old grade-6 student, was found dead at his home. He hung himself on the 2nd of January. He was a Section (A) student from Kyan Taw Basic Education School, Myeik. The locals and police believe that his suicide was caused by his fear of being scolded by the mother.
The public believes that this kind of suicides occured because the Burmese education forces create severe rivalaries among students and parents.
Only a few days earlier (23rd Dec. 2016) a girl in grade 10 (17 years) from Pearl City, Monywa Province hung herself down from a mango tree in her family’s enclosure for similar reasons.

Thanks for the translation go out to Minn B.!


The problem is usually not you but the system/ society.
Please seek support, if you suffer from depression. You are not alone.

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