Networking: Revolutionary and anarcho-syndicalist unions

I (Mo) have been involved with the ISM since it was initiated in 2008 and recently also became a member of the international committee of the anarcho-syndicalist Free Workers’ Union (FAU) in Germany. I believe some of you have graduated by now and are also organized in labour unions.

Therefore I want to use this opportunity to reach out to any revolutionary and anarcho-syndicalist unions worldwide to network. But not just to network for the sake of networking, but to support each other on a practical level and act together across borders in the near future.

There already exists an extensive network of revolutionary and anarcho-syndicalist unions, which plan to unite in a new transnational organisation. It is to be founded at a congress somewhere in Italy in May 2018.

Also interested in connecting on the transnational level with the FAU to support each other and act together? Then feel encouraged to drop me a line:

A seperate entry on this with some more details is available on the blog for the Transcontinental May Day 2017.

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