Principles of the Admin Collective

The communication infrastructure of the ISM (international student movement) is maintained by the admin collective as a platform to inform about activities, political developments, and repression in connection with our struggle against the increasing commercialization of education (as well as all other aspects of our lives) and for free emancipatory education. At times it can also be used to inform about other issues related to the struggle for emancipation (e.g. struggle against fascist ideology, patriarchy, racism, trans-/homophobia etc.).

The ISM admin collective remains dedicated to facilitating the flow of knowledge from the front lines of the education struggle and under no circumstance will result to the promotion of party politics or conspiracy theories.

The collective shares no messages of people that are not respecting the basic principles of the ISM, but it also doesn’t see itself in a position to judge the methods used by others in the struggle since conditions are different around the world. For an international platform it is essential to respect the evaluation that each group makes of their strategies in the struggle on the local level. Summarizing, we share information and take no stance on the use of tactics throughout the wide education movement. The collective aims to put news of developments/protests on the local and national level into a global context when reporting about them.

There are dozens of tasks belonging to the admins collective responsibilities. We organize our collective tasks via a (private settings) for admin members. By joining the admin you are not automatically responsible for any specific tasks except for agree to contribute to our collective project (and only this) up to date.

All members of the collective need to support our self-conception.

Once you are a member you can file tasks, edit wiki pages, have long term discussion et cetera. Consider subscribing to the admin collective’s mailing list ASAP if you haven’t done yet so.

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