ISM Book Project


We – Otter (Gainsville) and Mo (Hamburg) – call on groups and individuals who have been connected to the International Student Movement (ISM) platform to submit contributions for a book project. The book sets out to commemorate 10 years of the International Student Movement (ISM) and feature the groups and individuals that have been involved in one way or another. 

Therefore we invite you to contribute a chapter in which you provide background information about your group and struggle against the increasing commercialization of education withing the broader capitalist system. Also the significance of networking on the transnational level and how movements elsewhere might have influenced your own activities should be a focal point. 

Furthermore we want to know your understanding of free emancipatory education and what role it played in the struggle. And last but not least it would be nice to know what your experiences with the ISM were like. What have been its strength and weaknesses?

The book aims to integrate a range of topics across the terrain of struggles within (higher) education ranging from autonomy and combative syndicalism to critical pedagogy and emancipatory direct-action. Submissions should be historically and theoretically informed by the tactics including but not limited to sit ins, debt resistance, student-worker strikes, teach-ins, and the revival of student occupations.

This book project aims to present the global dimension of the struggle, reflections, and lessons learned during the ISM project.

Please note the following timeline:
Submission of Proposals: December 31
Respond to Proposals: January 19
Submission of Chapters: May 31

Key Topics of Interest:
Emancipatory Education, Direct Action Tactics, Student Pedagogy, Transnational Networking, Decolonisation, Precarious Labor, Intersectional Feminism, Communitarian Knowledge Structures, Political Subversion

General Layout of Chapter:
History: Provide a brief history of movement organizing bodies and political-economic context of education struggle. Introduce the problem and specific type of academic repression/theory. 
Praxis Case Study: Details of the conflict and actions taken (process & structure) as informed by personal experiences; including the role of transnational networking (e.g. Did developments in other parts of the world influence your activities on the local/ regional level?).
Outcome: Was the initial goal accomplished? Lessons learned? What were the limitations of the struggle?
Tactics and Theory: Why were certain tactics (e.g. types of actions) chosen and how do you reflect on them? Define the role of the struggle on the transnational level for your movement/ group. In case your activities are/were based on a broader theoretical idea, please present it.

All submissions are welcome although priority will be given to groups who have been active in the ISM platform.

Please send all submissions to <>.

1. English is preferred but all submissions are welcomed 
2. Around 5,000 words
3. Word .doc/ Open Office .odt / Rich Text .rtf